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Dam thing dont work

I get all signed in i see the ap i tuch the place i want to start at and boing there we have it a blank gray screen ive called your tec saport and ive tryed about 20 times to do the cancle and re sign up and still no truckers path and im not paying the $8.99 for it thanks for nothing and have a nice blank gray screen there are outher aps out there that are much easier

Only gave 1 star cause it made me

Garbage... Plain and simple! Just garbage!

RV traveler

Downloaded this App in order to stop at truck stops, rest stops and gas stations that would accommodate our motorhome. Unfortunately the app would not hold previously imported information, had to reprogram every time I turned off my phone. Was not impressed, if I did not understand how to use the app, that may be possible but it was not well explained or easy to manoeuvre, I feel I wasted time and money.

Must be a joke

Seems they never tested it on iPhone. It will not fit the screen. Maybe it is designed for a bigger screen; iPad mini?


I really cant tell if the 8.99 is a one time fee or a monthly fee. Sounds misleading. If it is monthly you can buy a trucker gps for less money only one time. Why would I buy a monthly service?

Not worth a penny

Junk dont waste your time

Like it

Works very well and well worth a download

Not a trucker app really beware

As a professional truck driver I am always looking for ways to make trip planning and backups to assist. Everything this program offers is useless for CDL owners. Calculator can figure your gas mileage, trip planner is nothing for trucks actually because you can not put in specifics to help route for your individual truck, it does not route you according to your plan even. All in all a good toy for wanna bee truckers to impress drinking buddies but a waste of time to download or even attempt to use.

App brings you on no truck routes

I typed a Boston address into gps and it wants to take Storrow Drive. Storrow Drive is a non-truck route. Not a good app for truckers.

Bad app

This app takes you thru were trucks are not allowed. And the reaction is so slow. Please fix this app or make it where others can correct the map. Also it would b nice if there other features like waze. Ex: police and hazards on the road. Etc...

Makes you purchase subscription before it works. Save your time



This is a monthly subscription. And its a challenge to cancel. Im about to cancel my debit card to ensure it cancels


Its a scam. You push any button it tells you that you have to subscribe, and it freezes.

Worst App Ever

GPS doesnt load point of origin or destination. Checked everything on my phone and reinstalled app but nothing. NOW I CANT DELETE THIS CRAP and website doesnt work!! STAY AWAY!! NO STAR RATING!

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